Forest 4 Water Fundraising (and saving Toucans)



Iracambi has officially launched Forests 4 Water. Now we need to ensure its longevity so we are asking our wonderful Iracambistas to become monthly donors. If we can get 100 of you to make a recurring donation of $10 a month we can plant trees and ideas for years to come. Together we can combat climate change and protect our most precious asset: water.

Our successful forest restoration model has already planted ...

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Life at Iracambi: Owls, Pizza and Football

I’m back with another rainforest blog!


As I promised in my bird blog (BIRDS!!!), I would try to hunt down the famous owl photo from Ricardo. Well here it is:

Tawny-browed Owl

Latin name: Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana

English Name: Tawny-browed owl

Portuguese Name: Murucututu-de-barriga-amarela

I want to once again thank the birdwatchers who came from Ecoavis namely: Ricardo Mendes, Fábio Giordano, ...

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Introducing the Iracambi Crew – post 2

This blog I thought I would introduce some of the new volunteers that have arrived at Iracambi

Meet Mimi/Mia/Francesca:MimiIMG_3531

Mimi, as she prefers to be called, is a lawyer from Germany. But I don’t think the term lawyer alone does her justice and I don’t think she would appreciate me defining her by her nationality so scratch that. She is exploring whether the legal system can be used as a tool for ...

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Birdwatchers visit Iracambi



Birds, so many birds! This weekend Iracambi was visited by a group of Brasilian birdwatchers who wanted to explore the Atlantic Forest in order to monitor changes of the various species in the area and to have FUN! Ricardo, the coordinator of the group, was kind enough to allow Tom and I to join their adventures.

We woke up at 5am before the sun arose in order to get a ...

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Introducing the Iracambi Crew – post 1


I’m back, reporting live from the Atlantic Forest. This blog I thought I would introduce the volunteers and update you on the Iracambi adventures.

Meet Tom:   
Tom is a Belgian intern in Green Management from Hoge School Gent who has expertise that his title doesn’t quite ...

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Life at Iracambi – a first encounter



I have arrived – I being me, Imran Viroomal, the new communications coordinator – to Iracambi where the sun is shining, the birds are chattering and the streams are flowing. I decided to take the long way to Iracambi which involved an 11 hour bus journey ...

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Bye bye, American Pie(/University)


It’s been a quiet start to the week here in Minas Gerais, as yesterday we said our goodbyes to the great group of graduate students from American University in Washington DC.

For 2 weeks, the 11-strong group along with professor and returning Iracambista Eve were a tour de force in the Graminha community, working to develop a proposal for how we encourage ...

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Peer Awards approaching fast!

Peer Awards

Last month, we let you know the really great news that Iracambi had been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2015 Peer Awards for Excellence. The date of the final (18th June) is fast approaching so we’ve been busy finalizing our entry for the “Corporate Social Responsibility – Educating the Community” category, and sizing up the opposition!

Gus Le Breton is on hand in London to deliver the presentation on ...

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Welcome Ball State University!

This May, we have welcome our third 100,000 Strong in the Americas program to Iracambi. A group of 10 students from Ball State University have descended upon our rainforest home, along with familiar face John Motlock. John has not only been here with student groups before but has also supported our previous Iracambi Strong programs, and we’re thrilled to welcome him back and to welcome the new faces!

While here, the students will be putting themselves to excellent use by developing ...

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