Corporate Partnerships That Save Forests and Transform Lives


For 20 years we have worked with the communities within this area of ​​the Atlantic Forest to preserve its extraordinary biodiversity while improving the lives of the people who depend on it, creating a sustainable and abundant way of life. We have had many victories and many challenges, but we always come out stronger!

This long journey has brought us the certainty that if we join forces, we can create a better world for all. As the indigenous legend goes:

One day, the forest was on fire and all the animals fled in search of refuge. All except the hummingbird, which flew toward the fire with a drop of water in its beak.

“Foolish little bird,” said the eagle, looking him up and down. “Do not you realize you’ll never put out the fire alone?”

“You’re right,’’ replied the hummingbird. “I know that I cannot do it alone, but I’m doing my part.”

Today we are in search of other hummingbirds across the world to join us. If today each one of us does our part, tomorrow will bring a better, fairer and greener world for all.

If you really want to do your part, make a positive impact on the world and have your efforts recognized, read on to discover how you can partner with us to employ the most effective strategies.

How to be a Partner Who Saves Forests and Changes Lives?

Cause Marketing

Do you want to promote and strengthen your company’s sustainability principles by engaging your clients directly in your cause? This may be the best option for you.

One of the most efficient ways to position your brand, we help you create a sustainable and charitable image that multiplies your positive impact.

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Corporate Volunteering

Do you have employees who can benefit from a professional development experience or an intensive immersion with Portuguese speakers? This type of volunteering increases employee engagement, encourages professional development, and brings visibility and value to your brand.

Corporate volunteering increases the technical, professional and strategic capacity of an organization, employees and beneficiaries. It is an opportunity to bring new methods and techniques to the third sector and create valuable cross-sector partnerships.

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Iracambi Membership

Become a member of Iracambi, widen your impact and demonstrate your business values ​​to your clients and the public!

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Donating Products or Equipment

Do you want to donate products, or equipment or services to support our projects? Become an Iracambi partner and boost your brand with the Iracambi hummingbird.

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One Time Donation

Are you interested in making a one time donation? Financial donations that demonstrate your company’s commitment to social-environmental causes are very welcome, You can easily donate via this link:

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