Corporate Partnerships: Your brand and ours together,
Saving Forests and Changing Lives


For 20 years we have worked with the communities in this area of ​​the Atlantic Forest to preserve its extraordinary biodiversity while improving the lives of the people who depend on it, creating a sustainable and abundant way of life. We have had many victories and many challenges, but we always come out stronger!

This long journey has brought us the certainty that if we join forces, we can create a better world for all. As the indigenous legend goes:

One day, the forest was on fire and all the animals  were fleeing as fast as they could. All except one little hummingbird, who was flying towards the fire with a drop of water in her beak.

“Foolish little bird,” said the eagle, looking down at her. “Can’t you see that you’ll never put out the fire alone?”

“You’re right,’’ replied the hummingbird. “I’ll never do it all by myself. But I’m doing my part.”

So it’s time for hummingbirds from all corners of the world to come together. If today each of us can do our part, tomorrow will bring a better, fairer and greener world for everyone, everywhere.

So if YOU really want to do your part, make a positive impact on the world and join the growing movement of hummingbirds, read on to discover how together we can do our part!

How can my company do even more to save the planet?

Cause Marketing

Do you want to promote and strengthen your company’s sustainability principles by engaging your clients directly in your cause? This may be the best option for you.

One of the most efficient ways to position your brand, we help you create a sustainable and philanthropic image that greatly enhances your positive impact.

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Corporate Volunteering

Do you have employees who can benefit from a professional development experience that will challenge them to think outside the box?

Corporate volunteering increases the technical, professional and strategic capacity of your company, your employees and your beneficiaries. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to introduce new thinking and new techniques to your partner organization, while giving your employees the chance to develop strengths they never knew they had. Please check below for a couple of testimonials from Iracambi professional volunteers.

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Iracambi Membership

Become a member of Iracambi, widen your impact and  let your clients see your business values and ethics.

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Donating Products or Equipment

Are you able to donate products, equipment or services to support Iracambi projects? Become an Iracambi partner and boost your brand with the Iracambi hummingbird.

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One Time Donation

Are you interested in making a one-time donation? Financial donations that demonstrate your company’s commitment to social-environmental causes are very welcome!  You can easily donate via this link:

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Our Partners

Our Partners Believe

  • Tiffany Sherrington, advertising professional volunteered at Iracambi in 2009.

    Tiffany worked with Iracambi for a month to help give them renewed focus, open the channels of internal communication and deliver them an easy implementable brand and communications strategy. After many sessions with the founders and staff, interviews with past and present Iracambi students and volunters, and lots of reading and research, Tiffany was able to articulate their story, define and develop their brand, and create a communications strategy and action plan. Not bad after only 4 weeks.

    And it wasn’t only Iracambi that benefited. Tiffany also got an incredible amount out of her time with the NGO.


  • Jen Vladimirsky Interactive Producer with Wieden and Kennedy, New York.

    Jen Vladimirsky, (also known as Madam Vlad)  worked with Iracambi to set up a strategy for their Iracambi Strong education program and a scholarship fund for students. Check below for her case study.