A Practical Way to Donate to Iracambi Buying with Amazon Step-by-step

What do you think of always donating to the programs Forests for Water and Ecoleaders without even having to remove a cent from your pocket?

You must be curious now, after all,who doesn’t like to help an organization that dedicates itself to restore the most important areas for environmental conservation as well as to empower the community?

I believe that the majority would always like to help, but we know this isn’t always viable, especially for the ones who have young children, or are unemployed or still studying.

That’s why will show you step-by-step how to make your environmental contributions without having to remove one single cent of your pocket.

In this article will you learn in a simple step-by-step: 

  • What is AmazonSmile
  • How to make an account with AmazonSmile (if you don’t have an account with amazon.com or amazon.co.uk)
  • How to link your Amazon account to your AmazonSmile (if you already have an amazon.com account or amazon.co.uk)
  • How to redirect automatically to AmazonSmile and always do your part (if you already have an AmazonSmile settled and wants to always donate)
  • How to donate to Iracambi through AmasonSmile (if you already have an AmazonSmile account and wants to always donate to Iracambi)

What is AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile is the same Amazon that you already know. The same products, same prices, same services….

The big difference is that while you buy with AmazonSmile, you donate 0,5% of the total amount purchased to the organization of charity of your choice. 

Isn’t this amazing? You can donate, already doing what you already do, without having to remove 1 single cent of your pocket!

If you want to know more about AmazonSmile, check this link.

Below, I will show you step-by-step to start now. How to set up an account with AmazonSmile

Before starting this step, verify if you already have an active account with amazon.com or amazon.co.uk.

If you do not have an Amazon account. Let’s start now. 

Setting up Your AmazonSmile to Automatically Donate to Iracambi Step-by-step.

  1. The first step is to access the link smile.amazon.com or smile.amazon.co.uk. When the link opens, you will see the same screen you see below, and because you still do not have an account with Amazon, you must click on the “Create your Amazon account” where a red arrow points to.
  1. In the next page, you must insert your personal data such as name, e-mail and a choose a password. Next, you must click on the link “Create your Amazon account”, as demonstrated below.
  1. If you have inserted all the data correctly, your amazon account was created. Now, you only need to link AmazonSmile and choose Iracambi to direct your donations step-by-step below.

How to link your Amazon account to AmazonSmile

  1. If you still do not have an Amazon account, you must follow the steps above and create it. 

If you already have an amazon account and wants to link it with AmazonSmile, the first step is to access the address smile.amazon.com or smile.amazon.co.uk.

If you have just created your Amazon account following the steps above, you will be seeing the screen depicted below.

Now, you only have to type ‘Iracambi’ in the blank space showed by the red arrow below and next, click on “Search” to locate Iracambi. 

  1. A new page will open as shown below. You will see the registered name of Iracambi as “Amigos de Iracambi-US Inc”, just click on the link “Select” indicated by the red arrow. 
  1. Now you are only one step away to start turning your shopping into a contribution to a better world. For this, click on “Check box”and next, on “Start Shopping”. 
  1. Done. Your account in linked an all of your shopping with AmazonSmile will generate a donation of 0,5% to Iracambi. And as you can notice in the screen below, it is the same Amazon. 

However, your donations are only made when you shop through the links smile.amazon.com or smile.amazon.co.uk, but don’t worry, in the next step I will show you how you can redirect your regular Amazon link to AmazonSmile, without any extra work. 

How to redirect automatically to AmazonSmile and always do your part

  1. If you already have an account created and linked to AmazonSmile, these following steps will be very essential so you don’t have to worry to always redirect your purchases to AmazonSmile. 

The donations will only be valid if made through smile.amazon.com or smile.amazon.co.uk. 

Here you must choose one or the two options below, according to the type of navigator you use to shop with Amazon. 

If you use Google Chrome, use this extension, and go to the next step. 

If you use Firefox, use this extension, And jump to that step.

Chrome Extension

  1. If you use Chrome and clicked on the link above, you were redirected to the screen showed below. 

Here you will be installing an extension of Smile Always that will redirect you to smile.amazon.com or smile.amazon.co.uk while you access through Google Chrome amazon.com or amazon.co.uk. 

Just click on the link “+ Use on Chrome/+ Usar no Chrome” as indicated below.

  1. On the same page, a window will appear confirming that the extension was added to Google Chrome. Click on ” Add Extention/Adicionar Extensão” as demonstrated below. 
  1. Done. the extension Smile Always is already installed on Chrome. 

Firefox Extension

  1. If you use Firefox and clicked on the link above, you were redirected to a page showed below. 

Here you will make an extension of Amazon smile! which will redirect you to smile.amazon.com or smile.amazon.co.uk while using Chrome. 

Just click on “+Add to Firefox” as indicated below. 

  1. On the same page, it will be exhibited a window that will confirm that you added the extension to your navigator. Just click on “Add” as shown below. 
  1. Done! The extension Amazon SMILE! is already installed on Firefox. 

How to donate to Iracambi through AmazonSmile.  

If you already have an AmazonSmiles account and want to change the institution to Iracambi, follow the steps below. 

When you open the initial page of AmazonSmile, you will see on the menu the organization that you are currently donating. On this example below, you will see that donations are going to Brazilian Alliance and we will change them to Iracambi. 

  1. Place your mouse on top of the name of the organisation so a box of information of the will appear. Click on the link “Change” beside the organisation’s name as demonstrated by the red arrow. 
  1. You will be redirected to another page where you will search and select “Iracambi” as the organisation of your choice. 
  1.  Now, you only have to click on “Select” as indicated below. 
  1. Now you will be redirected to a page of your AmazonSmile Impact and will see a message that confirms the change to “Amigos de Iracambi-US Inc.”


These were very detailed steps for you to redirect your donations to Iracambi without having to pay anything extra. Maybe you will think “0,5% of my purchases is too little, maybe this isn’t worth it.”

I will tell you: any cent donated to environmental conservation is very well received and invested. 

It is cent-by-cent that we do our part to save the forests and transform lives. If you are here, it is because just as us, you care about change and transformation for a healthier and greener planet.