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We’d love to invite you to work with us in our work of saving forests and changing lives! There are so many opportunities: you could

IMG_1861Sponsor a student to join one of the Iracambi Strong courses (and develop leadership skills and become advocates in the fields of conservation and sustainability.

Better still, these students will be able to bring change to their own communities once they leave Iracambi and go home!


P1080540Support our program of Young Eco-Leaders where budding young Brazilian scientists to do field work in forest restoration, monitoring forest cover, GIS, soil and water monitoring and fauna and flora inventories.

These young students will become change-makers in their community helping preserve the rainforests which benefit us all.

Help us mitigate the effects of climate change through DSC02815planting thousands of native forest seedlings from our forest nursery, to help protect and restore water sources which are drying up. Donate to Forests 4 Water, and we’ll plant the trees.

Restoring the forest restores the water, while trees absorb carbon to combat climate change – a win-win for the forest, the farmers and us all. 


monkey_mapThe Iracambi GIS – Give them the tools! Since its early moments when Iracambi maps were made by hand, through its evolution into the only community GIS in the region, the program has been run and managed entirely by volunteers, students, and professionals, with the backing of our GIS committee. We now need to hire a coordinator and buy a motorbike. Can you help? Please hit our donate button!

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