Sponsor our GIS program: Create a tool that changes lives

Since its early moments when Iracambi maps were made by hand, through its evolution into the only community GIS in the region, the program has been run and managed entirely by our wonderful corps of volunteers, students, and professionals, with the backing of the Iracambi GIS committee. Our dream now is to finish putting it on line so that the people of the Serra do Brigadeiro can learn how to use it, add to it, and get to the point where they can’t imagine living without it! To get there we need two things: money and a motorbike. Money for a  community coordinator to manage the GIS, input the data, and most importantly show people how to use it. Money to train the coordinator, help pay our internet bill ($500 a month) maintain and upgrade the GIS computer, put on community workshops to publicize this amazing opportunity, and last but not least, to buy a motorbike! The GIS project has no dedicated transport at present, and GIS coordinators and volunteers hitch rides on passing cars (there aren’t many of them in the rainforest) motorbikes and horses. They also do a lot of walking. It keeps them fit, but we can’t help thinking it would be more efficient if they had a reliable form of transport. Can you help? Please hit our donate button!