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Welcome to the Iracambi Forest Nursery!

We invite you to partner with us in planting 5000 native forest trees in the one of the highest priority conservation areas in of Atlantic Forest in the state of Minas Gerais. Iracambi is located in the buffer zone of the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park, and we have been working for the past sixteen years to create 2,000 hectares of Environmental Protection Areas surrounding the core conservation area of the Park.

One of the favorite spots on the Iracambi campus, the forest nursery has donated over 100,000 native forest seedlings to reforest the Iracambi area. Our trees are used for enrichment planting in succession forest, for creating forest corridors to link forest patches, in experimental agro-forestry plots, and most recently in our program of Forests4Water where Iracambi staff and students work side by side with local farmers, reforesting in catchment areas to protect and restore water sources.

Your donation will support ongoing work at the forest nursery and in the local community, and serve as a focal point for education about the vital importance of protecting and restoring the forests to conserve soils and water, protect biodiversity, increase habitat for endangered species, cherish our natural inheritance and pass it on to future generations.

We estimate the cost of making the seedlings, planting and caring for 5000 young trees over a period of two years as $2500 – just $5 per tree. Can you help us?

Forest for Water nursery