Volunteering with Iracambi is a fantastic way of making a real difference in the local community. Few organizations can offer you the opportunity to participate in such a broad variety of conservation programs, events and activities in the Atlantic Rainforest.


Volunteering with Iracambi is a fantastic way of making a real difference in the local community. Few organisations can offer you the opportunity to participate in such a broad variety of conservation programs, events and activities in the Atlantic Rainforest.


We’ll match your skills and experience with areas of interest to you and us. You’ll meet like-minded people from around the world volunteering with us, have a lot of fun, and know you’ll be making a lasting difference saving forests and changing lives.


Including your own volunteering with us!

We’ll match your skills and experience with areas of interest to you and us. You’ll meet like-minded people from around the world volunteering with us, have a lot of fun and know you’ll be making a lasting difference changing lives and saving forests.




  • Reforestation - Forests 4 Water
      • First visits: Help select participating farms, photograph areas for reforestation, collect data for the GIS, write and record applicable data
      • Water sampling: Collect water samples from participating farms to measure water quality and impact of reforestation
      • Seedling selection: Separate seedlings in the nursery, using data from farm visits and GIS
      • Mapping the areas for planting: Verify the data points on the GIS and figure out best logistics for seedling delivery
      • Help with planting: Preparation: dig holes and apply organic fertilizer, and photograph the process
      • Seedling delivery: Deliver and help plant the seedlings. Don't forget to record everything! .
      • Nursery: Help in seed collection, assist in making seedlings. and organizing them by category and species
      • Nursery (data storage): Create virtual herbarium, organize and manage the seed bank
      • Monitoring and maintaining trails and fences: Check on the condition of the trails in the reserve, (fallen trees or any other factors that can make it difficult to use the trails). Check the fences around the trails and the nursery (cows love to eat seedlings!).
      • Monitor previous plantings: Monitor forested areas, height, DAP, mortality, ant attack etc.
    • Education for Sustainability - EcoLeaders
        • School visits: Trade stories, experiences and games from your country with local schoolkids and youth
        • Participating in community events: During school vacations participate in local community events connected with culture, art and environment
        • Helpin with Environmental Education: Helping host school groups when they visit Iracambi. Be prepared for them to try out their English!
    • Marketing and Fundraising
        • Creating content: Create content and videos about your experiences at Iracambi to post on your FB and blog, linking to the Iracambi pages
        • Posting on social media: Posting directly on Iracambi social media
        • Small donation campaigns: Organize and manage mini donation campaigns for specific projects, inviting friends and family to join in
        • Graphic design: Create visual content for campaigns, and publicity documents
        • Non profit management: Learn about specific areas of admin, fundraising and non profit administration on the Global Giving site - gives you useful experience and raises the position of Iracambi on their site!
        • Help with fund raising: Research, write and submit funding proposals for Iracambi! Please share them with us first!
        • Audiovisual content for social media, site, etc: Take photos and shoot videos for Iracambi media
    • Reforestation - Forests 4 WaterA forest restoration model in the Atlantic forest, working with local farmers to protect and restore water resources through reforestation. We particularly welcome volunteers to help in the peak planting season  – October through December.
    • Forest Nursery  Collecting seeds of native plants, making and transplanting seedlings and caring for the young plants year round.
    • Polyculture: Planting,harvesting and maintaining our model mixed-species system which includes medicinal plants, edible wild plants, native trees and food crops.
    • Shade grown coffee: Maintaining our organic coffee plantation, designed with shade species to increase biodiversity and habitat. We particularly welcome help over harvest time - May through July.
    • Agroforestry system: Growing foodcrops (focusing on bananas) and trees.
    • Medicinal Plants: Working with our specialist on identifying, growing and making products from medicinal plants native to the forest.
    • Agroecology: Work with us in our mixed-species system, designed to demonstrate how agroecological production methods can be highly productive, raise healthy food, benefit the soils, and provide an alternative to traditional agricultural techniques that diminish soil fertility and rely on chemical inputs.  
    • Environmental Education: Creating young environmental leaders through an innovative program of environmental education in local schools and in the Iracambi forests. We welcome your participation and ideas year round.
    • Fundraising and Marketing: We´re always on the lookout for creative ways of fundraising and marketing and warmly welcome help in these areas!
    • Graphic art: Running an environmental non-profit constantly requires producing attractive materials for schoolkids, community members, and members of the public not to mention producing content for our website and social media. Photographers, video makers, creative types and techies are always welcome!
    • Environmental Monitoring. GIS: Monitoring water, soils, weather and camera traps, and collecting data for our GIS coordinator as required.


    • How do I apply?

      It’s very quick and easy! First, we recommend that you download and read the volunteer package for all application details. Once you have read that and want to join us at Iracambi you can apply here.

    • Where will I live?

      You will be staying on the campus of the Iracambi Research and Conservation Center, located in the buffer zone of the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park. Iracambi provides full board and lodging. (And our food is delicious!) .

    • How long can I stay?

      Visas(usually obtainable at no cost on arrival)  will be issued for 90 days, renewable for some but not for all nationalities. If you plan to stay longer, please contact us in advance. .

    • Do I need to speak Portuguese?

      No you don’t. But in all our community projects you have a lot more fun if you know the basics. We recommend Duolingo.

    • How do I get a visa?

      Most nationalities will get a tourist visa on arrival, but please check if your nationality allows this. It’s important that you ask for a tourist visa –  student and volunteer visas are hard to get. If in doubt, please talk to our volunteer manager or check out the website of your nearest Brazilian consulate.

    • How much does it cost?

      At Iracambi our week charge is:

      • Less than 1 month: $210 per week
      • 1 month or more: $200 per week

      Which covers accommodation, delicious food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), wifi access and support 24/7.


    Saving forests, changing lives – including your own!

    Situated in the mountains of Minas Gerais, on the borders of the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park, this is your base to volunteer your time and talents, expand your horizons (and ours), and participate in the many exciting opportunities available to you here at Iracambi. If you have a great idea and special skill, let us know and let’s see where your talents can best be put to work. If you would prefer to join our wide variety of ongoing projects we can promise you won’t be bored.

    Please contact us to set up a skype call or two so that we can get to know one another, and ensure that expectations can be met on both sides and that your time here will be as profitable and enjoyable as possible.

    Contact us now!

    What can I do?

    • Your own project (please discuss with us first)
    • Monitoring: forest cover and growth, water, fauna, weather
    • Caring for the forest nursery and planting trees
    • GIS
    • IT, graphics
    • Fundraising,marketing and social media
    • Photography and videos

    Useful Downloads

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    • How do I apply?

      Fill in the Getting to Know You Form (download from this page), and send it with your resume (CV) to volunteers@iracambi.com, and let’s get started.

    • Where will I live?

      You have two options for accommodation. First option is the main dorm, which has four two-bed rooms, a common room, a small sitting room with a wood burning stove, and a deck. The main dorm has two bathrooms with showers. Second option (which costs a little more,) is one of the five cabins, which have two bedrooms, each with two beds, a common room and a bathroom.

    • How long can I stay?

      We’d like you to come for a minimum of a month, if you can although three weeks is acceptable if you make a good case! You can stay as long as you like, but a tourist visa is only valid for 90 days and renewable for a further 90 days. Some EU nationals who are part of the Schengen agreement can’t stay beyond 90 days – check with the Brazilian consulate in your country.

    • Do I need to speak Portuguese?

      No you don’t. Although your stay will be more fun if you can get your tongue round the basics, the main language of the Center is English.  

    • How do I get a visa?

      Please check with the nearest Brazilian consulate. If you are a citizen of the US, Canada and Australia and some other countries, you need to get a visa before traveling. European nationals will get a visitor’s pass on arrival.

    • How much does it cost?

      From January 1st 2015 charges are US$700 per month in the main dorm, and $800 per month in the cabins. This covers accommodation, full board and internet access. Beer and treats are available to purchase from our restaurant manager Carminha.

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