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#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving celebrated by nonprofits, corporations, and donors alike. 24 hours of giving back. Give your time, give your love, give your money.


#GivingTuesday is an opportunity to harness the generosity of people around the world to bring about real change.


@Iracambi is partnering with @Globalgiving this year to raise funds for our brand new project.

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Global Giving matching funds

GlobalGiving has $500,000 in matching funds and $42,000 in prizes for the projects that raise the most money, and the projects that have the greatest number of donations in the 24 hour period of #Giving Tuesday.

We’re aiming to raise $20,000 to restore the rainforest.  Please donate what you can, share our project link http://bit.ly/2P3xHQG with your friends, family, colleagues and your networks. Ask them to share with their networks, and don’t forget to tag @iracambi and @Globalgiving so we can celebrate with you.  

Every like, share and comment is one more opportunity for us to get a donation.  

Social Media Tips

Please feel free to use any of the photos we selected specially for you. And don’t forget the hashtags #GivingTuesday, #Iracambi, #Globalgiving, #PlantingTrees, and any others you’d like. 

Here are a selection of sample posts you could use:

Planting Trees to Save the Planet

Today is #GivingTuesday and I just donated to Planting Trees to Save the Planet!http://bit.ly/2P3xHQG

Please join me in donating and spreading the word and together we’ll rebuild the rainforest!

#GivingTuesday, #iracambi #plantingtrees

Planting Trees to Save the Planet

Did you know that it’s #GivingTuesday today? Please join me in donating to this rainforest project. http://bit.ly/2P3xHQG Spread the word!

#GlobalGiving, #Iracambi, #Savingtheplanet

Planting Trees to Save the Planet

The rainforest is calling! Please donate today to plant thousands of trees http://bit.ly/2P3xHQG to save the planet.

#GivingTuesday, #rainforest, #iracambi

Rainforest Animals

Giving Tuesday Logos

Tree Planting at Iracambi

#GivingTuesday has ended

You can still donate to the project here