International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a worldwide celebration of women that promotes greater awareness of female equality and rights. Here at Iracambi, it is apparent that gender bias is not a factor when it comes to saving forests and changing lives. Iracambi focuses on the strengths that individuals bring as people, not as a man or a woman, and encourages them to use and develop these strengths to mutually benefit both person and place.

Along the way, Iracambi has been sure to champion equality in the local community,  encouraging women in industry and business, and playing an active role in the fight for equal pay – something which has now been achieved locally.

Women have been an integral part of what has been achieved at Iracambi and what has yet to be achieved, and this International Women’s Day we have been celebrating all those great Iracambistas who happen to be women. We’ve been running a series of stories that looks at individual experiences of Iracambi and how it has impacted the lovely ladies’ lives. It has been a pleasure to hear how well these women are now doing in the world but also how dearly they hold Iracambi to them – you can read the stories for yourself by opening the link below.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Iracambi and International Women’s Day

Iracambi and International Women's Day - Cover