iracambi overview

Reforesting with native species, promoting biodiversity, creating forest corridors and establishing and managing conservation areas

Empowering and inspiring our students to become advocates for sustainable living and biodiversity conservation


Understanding ecosystems and our impact. Surveying and recording biodiversity and monitoring soil, water and forests

An overview of our main program areas

Researchers, please check above for details of our main program areas: Natural Resources, Education for Sustainability and Ecosystems. We have a body of published research on these and related research themes, focusing on sustainability in rural areas, land management, forest corridors, forest monitoring, water management, carbon ranching, medicinal plants, sustainable forestry and the flora and fauna of the region. You’ll find our papers here.

Volunteers, we are open to your suggestions for individual and group projects. Iracambi is proud to owe much of its success to volunteer projects supporting our main program areas, as well as in filming, photography, construction, graphic design, IT, setting up and maintaining our system of forest trails, and supporting our community mapping and GIS.